+ How far are you from Stockpoort border post, Botswana?

+ Hello I am interested in accommodation for 6 people (3 couples) for the evening of Wednesday, June 17th. We will be coming from Joberg and heading to Botswana the following day. We would be interested in 3 doubles and dinner. Do you have availablility? Can you tell me how far you are from Joberg? Are you out of the way vs. taking Martin's Drift?

+ 1. How far are u from Ellisras? What is the best route from Sebe Sebe to Serowe and how far is it ?

+ What fish species can be targeted at your facility ?

+ Do you offer night drives? Are they guided or Self Drive?

+ Hello, could you let me know if you are in a malarial belt?<br/>Thanks

+ coming from Thabazimbi what's the best route to the lodge?<br/>Road conditions?

+ Do your self catering rooms have facilities like microwave and kettle?<br/>Thanks, Ron

Hello, could you let me know if you are in a malarial belt?

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